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Fees & Pricing Plans

Welcome to our pricing plan and fees page. If you wish to join in with our weekly club sessions and attend regularly, then please go to our monthly club plans section using the link below to see all of the different options. All of the sessions in our monthly plans have been discounted to make sessions cheaper for our members.


If you are signed up to one of our basic monthly club membership plans (Musketeer, Junior and Senior Club Plans) then you can still attend the other sessions however, you will only have to pay the adhoc fee. The adhoc fee is a discounted rate for our club members. If you wish to come along to another session please go to our evening classes section on our online booking system, when booking a place please select the member fee. Alternatively, you can turn up on the night and pay the adhoc fee by cash or card. 


Guests are welcome to come along and train with us at the club, if you wish to do this please go to our evening classes section on our online booking system. When booking a place please select the non-member fee. We will accept guests on the night however due to space it is better to secure a spot by booking online as we don't want to turn people away if we are already at maximum capacity at the centre for that evening.

If you wish to book individual lessons with a coach you can do this using our online booking system.

HFC Annual Membership Fee

£12.00/ year

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